Vision++ becomes APIXA

January 1, 2022

Vision++ adopts a new name – APIXA - and completes the rebranding of its commercial name with the launch of completely new website.

After fifteen years, the time was right to rebrand our company Vision++. Originally 'Vision++' related to more technical aspects in the world of computer vision. Today, we feel that a fresh and more appealing name better embodies the value that our current portfolio of computer vision services and solutions brings to customers.

The ‘++’ characters in our previous name made us stand out visually. However, these plus signs were complicating our digital traceability for search engines and on social media platforms.

We selected the new name 'APIXA' from a longlist of more than 200 candidate names. APIXA refers to elements or concepts such as ‘pixel’ and ‘apex’. 'Pixel' links to still and moving images, from which we retract information to understand and automate your process tasks. And 'Apex' means ‘summum’ or ‘highest point’, which clearly convey how we want to be seen in the world of computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Since you may have benefitted from Vision++ in the past, we suggest to embark on the APIXA journey by following the APIXA page on LinkedIn.

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