Count on DetectIT Persons as long-term topline solution

Kickstart with superior datasets

We train our person detection AI models on the extensive set of public datasets and private datasets we have collected over the years. We have the rights to use these private datasets, which have been curated by us to increase their quality. This allows us to get excellent base performance across all our trained models.

Tailored to your application

We start from our trained models and further optimize these for your specific application. We do this by collecting data specifically for you and taking care of the quality labeling of this dataset. On the basis of this dataset, we further finetune the AI models to excel in your application domain. You are the exclusive owner of these finetuned AI models.

Flexible updates and upgrades

We make sure you get updated with state-of-the-art models, which harmoniously functions at peak performance with your own application. This means that we offer the possibility to provide models specialized for each of the different platforms you may have. In addition, you benefit from the flexibility to upgrade whenever you change platform(s) in the future.

Supporting you all the way

Our service does not stop upon delivering your first performant AI models. When you experience issues, we are there to retrain AI models to improve the performance in any detected problematic cases or improve your performance in other ways. As an established vision company we have extensive experience with computer vision, both in methods and hardware, which could be employed to lift performance and solve issues.

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