Computer vision and AI driven data processing in security applications intend to keep people and assets safe. As cameras and sensors proliferate, security personnel utilizes these technologies to obtain relevant information from massive data streams. This enables them to focus more on pressing issues and interact timely and with deeper insight.

The intelligence offered by smart vision-based solutions allows for the automation of routine security tasks in public spaces and workplaces, airports and industrial sites. So can non-compliance be detected in relation to workers' safety clothing or medics' protective wear. In this era of covid, disrespecting mask usage and social distancing in crowded areas can be signaled automatically. Smart vision is also able to detect potentially dangerous situations at railway crossings and inferring actions being committed by individuals. Common traffic-related applications cover remote perimeter sensing and detecting accidents and traffic jams. More advanced AI can be applied to execute facial recognition, providing identity confirmation in a variety of access and safety related applications.

Multi-purpose surveillance

There is a trend to make cameras smarter as surveillance applications typically cover a larger set of cameras. Person recognition forms the basis for most security and safety applications. APIXA offers a more flexible and affordable approach compared to commissioning plenty of expensive 360 degrees cameras. By using regular cameras in a network configuration, APIXA combines accurate imaging with on-camera AI driven data processing. Fast checks occur on the spot upon recording whereas detailed analysis takes place in the cloud. The analysis can be trained locally and human verification is supported as well. APIXA's approach improves accuracy and response time in emergency situations.

Public health and safety

The main challenge in public health support is reducing health risks without compromising privacy. Computer vision and AI driven data processing, and more specifically object recognizing and labeling, facilitates various applications in public health and safety. It can be distinguished whether workers are wearing safety clothing or medical professionals having their protective wear on or not. In this corona era, considerable effort is put into enforcing anti-covid measures. Smart vision-based solutions are able to efficiently check and maintain mask usage and social distancing.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition serves as a strong identity confirmation for numerous purposes. Computer vision and AI driven data processing supports the process of detecting a person's face and matching it with a facial database. This opens up a range of security applications including account access and digital signature services.

Detecting inferring actions

Identifying the dynamics of an inferring action from camera images and recordings is a challenge. AI driven data processing and deep learning allow for deriving the intent from objects and motions and avoid false alarms. Such aids reduce potential risks and assist security personnel to act faster and more targeted in case of theft, robbery, harassment and fighting.

Traffic monitoring

Traffic surveillance, supported by computer vision and AI driven data processing, enable traffic management centers to reduce the impact of incidents and recurring road congestion. Dynamically tracking motorized vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians provides insight into the behavior and interactions between road users. The processed information allows for designing safer intersections and dynamically tuning traffic for maximum safety and efficiency.

Heat source identification

Specific security measures apply on airports, in large train stations or other busy public places. Computer vision and AI driven data processing support the identification of heat sources. Such solutions avoid the presence of people and pets in dangerous locations. This is particularly useful in airside zones in airports where luggage enters x-ray scanning, for example.

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